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I Finally Learned Something from an After Effects Class!

If you know me, you know I've been wanting, needing, and trying to learn After Effects for some time now. It's important both to my job and my self-esteem after being beat up by this software several times. I can't show my face at school if I keep getting publicly humiliated by SOFTWARE.

I've downloaded, watched, read, and rage-deleted the app countless times now.

Nothing sticks. I never learn anything. I always end up frustrated. If this is what it feels like to learn Illustrator, InDesign or Photoshop, then I am OH SO VERY GLAD that I learned them one hundred years ago as a kid when my mind was more elastic.

To sum it up, After Effects is a beast and it's difficult to learn, but I am determined. I keep taking classes and reading books and stubbornly reinstalling the program on my computer. That's how I ended up taking Hallease Narvaez' class on Skillshare.

The class is for true beginners. Hallease assumes you don't know anything about After Effects, and actually SHOWS YOU what she's doing as she does pretty much everything. I really appreciate that because a lot of teachers kind of rush through it and you're left wondering what the heck is going on.

Not only that, but she explains terminology in ACTUALLY easy to understand language. I knew exactly what she meant after she explained every term I have failed to understand in the past.

So this is me wholeheartedly recommending this class to anyone attempting to teach themselves After Effects. The class is a little less than two hours long, but so much is packed into that time.

The class project really helps reinforce what she teaches, as well. The repetition it requires to complete the composition is what I needed to actually retain what I learned.

Here's the class. Happy learning! If you know of any other awesome classes or teachers for After Effects, let me know!

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